Most popular brand name vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaner is an electrical apparatus that is used to collect dust and small particles from the carpets, floors and other surfaces by the means of suction. There is an air pump present in vacuum cleaner that creates partial vacuum for sucking up the dust and dirt from the floor or any other surface. Dirt that is sucked up is collected by either a dust bag or a cyclone which is lately disposed off. Vacuum cleaners have made the cleaning process very much easy and convenient for the human beings and lessened the dependency on personnel for cleaning work.
Spotting light on the history of vacuum cleaners
The concept of vacuum cleaning came into existence when an early hand pumped vacuum cleaner invented. In 1860, this cleaner was invented by Daniel Hess of West Union, Iowa and it functions by gathering dust through a rotating brush and for generating suction a bellows. After that a different model called dedusting pump vacuum cleaner which was a motorized vacuum cleaner was invented in 1906 by Hubert Cecil Booth of England.


Then in 1926, electric vacuum cleaner to sale out in domestic market was introduced by an Electric Suction Sweeper Company. Among all, the most recent one is a hovering vacuum cleaner which floats on a cushion of air and it is a light weighted and easy to handle and it was introduced by a British company released Airider in 2004.
In today time, there is huge number of companies who are into manufacturing of variety of models of vacuum cleaners. Among the all the most popular brand name for vacuum cleaners are Milagrow, LG, Karcher, Eureka Forbes, Inalsa, Philips and Morphy Richards. You would found different types of cleaners labeled under these brands. These companies are manufacturing different type of cleaners such as compact, robotic, handy and many more.
For residential and for commercial purposes different types of vacuum cleaners differing in size, model, way of working and price are present.
Awareness on types of vacuum cleaners present
Coming on types of vacuum cleaners present in market, you would find huge variety. This variety includes Upright vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners, household vacuum cleaners and Stick vacuums – Electric brooms and top stick vacuum cleaners. There are different companies who are manufacturing vacuum cleaners of these types.
Basing on the needs and requirements, the type and model of the vacuum cleaner could be purchased.


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